Pork Knuckle + Pfalz Pinot Noir

Looks ugly, but tastes great: This far from Munich we rarely come across roasted pork knuckle –  a most Bavarian food classic.

Though our expatriate version in Rheinhessen worked out very well, too. Slow-simmered in broth, then slow-roasted (yes, patience is a main ingredient here) served with Krautsalat and bread. And a Pfalz Pinot Noir. Its bright fruit and vibrant acidity did a fantastic job balancing the fatty/roasty aromes of the meat. But also on its own Leiner’s Voyage was much to our liking – red fruit joghurt, cherries, slightly medicinal, drop… low in alcohol and still bone-dry: We took a mental note to visit the producer, Sven Leiner, during our next Pfalz Wine Tour.

Guten Appetit. And Prost.