Must-attend Wine Events in Germany 2024 for Wine Lovers

If you are planning a real wine vacation in Germany, do fix your travel dates around one of these awesome wine events in 2024. Any of the following wine tasting events is worth a detour and a flexible schedule …these are not your average wine fests!

For this list we pre-selected wine tasting events that are geared towards experienced palates and advanced wine-curious minds – the range of wines poured at these events (by people directly involved with the wineries) is perfect for wine lovers, professionals, and to-be professionals wanting to deepen their understanding of German wines in a casual surrounding. (Should you be looking more popular wine festivals, check out these favorite wine-fests).

Where available we included the dates, prices and locations in the wine regions. We will include many of these events into our wine tour schedule, and we will be happy to take you along.

Wine tasting events for the advanced wine lover

March 2nd 2024 – VDP Auction Réserve 2024

Want to taste some high-end wines? The VDP.Auction Réserve may be your thing!

Where: Monastery Eberbach at Eltville in the Rheingau wine region, easy to reach from Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden. Tickets 80 € including tasting and monastery visit.

Witness a 150-year-old tradition life – the wine auction in the historic monastery Eberbach. Members of the Rheingau chapter of the VDP association of top winemakers will auction off some of their best wines. With the lots coming straight from the original wineries’ cellars bidders can expect perfectly stored wines exclusively available through this auction. Whether or not one plans to bid, the pre-tasting of the lots, the historic venue and the overall atmosphere make for a perfect reason to attend.

April 7th 2024 – Spring wine party: Niederhäuser Weinfrühling

Spring Party 'Niederhäuser Weinfrühling' at Hermannsberg
Spring Party ‘Niederhäuser Weinfrühling’ at Hermannsberg (c) Nathalie Schwartz /

Where: at the estate Hermannsberg, in Niederhausen, Nahe wine region – 90 mins from Frankfurt

Spend an afternoon with nine leading Nahe wineries (Hermannsberg, Franzmann, Gabelmann, Daum, Dönnhoff, Mathern, Schneider, Staab, Stein) at a historic location offering spectacular views of the Nahe River valley and the famous Kupfergrube vineyard. Each winery is represented with 4 wines from estate wine level to the famed GG level (aka Grosses Gewächs, aka Grand Cru).

April 27 th – Nahe goes Mainz & Friends

Where: Mainz – Altes Postlager (travel 35 minutes from Frankfurt). Advance ticketing online.

This is one of the best opportunities to get a taste of Germany’s smaller and more remote wine regions: Nahe, Mittelrhein, and Ahr – think of Riesling and Pinot Noirs from some of Germany’s steepest slopes. Leading wineries from these regions are coming together in the Great Wine Capital Mainz – 42 estates from Nahe and 10 estates from Ahr and Mittelrhein will be pouring their wines.

Participating estates: Schäfer-Fröhlich | Kruger-Rumpf | Dr Krusius | Hermannsberg | KH Schneider | Prinz Salm | Emrich-Schönleber | Stein | Disibodenberg | and many more…

May 5th 2024 – Franconia Vintage Presentation

Where: Bürgerspital zum Hl. Geist in Würzburg in the wine region of Franken (travel 60 minutes from Frankfurt). Tickets at entrance.

The 27 Members of the VDP’s Franconian chapter will gather at the historic Bürgerspital in Würzburg to present their 2023 vintage to interested wine lovers. This is possibly the best occasion to get a full overview of wines from Franconia (Franken) in one stop. Not only the event, but also the event location as well as the city of Würzburg are worth the trip

Participating estates: Am Stein – Ludwig Knoll | Bickel-Stumpf | Bürgerspital zum Hl. Geist | Egon Schäffer | Fürst Löwenstein | Fürstlich Castell’sche Domäne | Glaser-Himmelstoß | Gregor Schwab | Hans Wirsching | Höfler | Horst Sauer | Johann Ruck | Juliusspital Würzburg | Max Müller I | Michael Fröhlich | Paul Weltner | Rainer Sauer | Rudolf Fürst | Rudolf May | Schloss Sommerhausen | Schmitt’s Kinder | Schwane | Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg | Steintal | Störrlein Krenig | Wilhelm Arnold | Zehnthof Theo Luckert

May 30th 2024 – Nahe & Friends

Where: in Oberhausen, Nahe wine region – ideal if you plan a wine tour between Frankfurt and Mosel.

Meet some of the top winemakers of the Nahe wine region at the wine tasting fest ‘Nahe & Friends’ hosted by world renowned Dönnhoff estate in Oberhausen. High end wineries Dr Crusius, Diel, Salm, Kruger-Rumpf, Dönnhoff, Hermannsberg, Emrich-Schönleber, Schäfer-Fröhlich and 9 more surprise guest vintners will be presenting wines of their current collection at individual tasting stands across the Dönnhoff estate. Be sure to reserve a ticket for this popular wine-tasting event.

July 6 -7th 2024 – Maxime Open

Where: Exact locations to be confirmed (multiple wine villages connected by shuttle busses) in the Rheinhessen wine region, ideal if you plan a wine trip around Frankfurt or Mainz

Plenty of wines and wineries to choose from

This open Winery-Crawl covers several wineries committed to bringing forward the terroir of their wines. The participating wineries will be connected by shuttle busses making this one of the most convenient public winery tours of the season.

May 25-26th (tbc) 2024 – Mythos Mosel

Where: Think of Traben-Trarbach and surroundings, located in Mittel-Mosel area – within reach of Trier, Koblenz and Mainz.

The renowned Mythos Mosel weekend is a deep dive into the Mosel River wine region and its wines (no pun intended). While dates are yet to be re-confirmed for 2024, this is one of the most anticipated public wine tasting events of the year, which will bring together 120 wineries at 30 locations… each winery presenting at least 4 wines. The tasting festival will stretch from the village Ürzig all the way to Briedel in the Mittel-Mosel area, the different locations being connected by shuttle busses. Consider spending the full two days, and do book your accommodation well in advance.

August 24-25th – Saar Riesling Summer

Saarburg in the Saar area of the Mosel wine region

15 wineries of the Saar River area will open their doors and cellars to the interested public. Taste extraordinary wines, and enjoy the beauty of that quaint, lesser known known part of the Mosel wine making region. Besides resident wineries, there will be a set of guest estates. A shuttle service for the weekend ensures smooth commute from one tasting station to the next.

With that we covered some of the most important wine events in early 2024 – bookmark this page as we will update with more activities and details. The BottleStops wine tour programme will include many of these events, and we will be delighted to take you along. Contact us anytime.

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