Our favorite 7 Wine Trade Shows in Germany 2024

The German wine industry is abuzz with a flurry of professional events slated for 2024. These are the shows that have our attention: There are the stalwarts of the wine scene, ProWein in Düsseldorf and the VDP.Weinbörse in Mainz; the contenders Maxime BottleShow and Sektbörse; and there are two notable newcomers, Eurovino in Karlsruhe and the Biodynamic Wine Fair in Mainz. Additionally, the relaunch of the Sparkling Wine Festival, also in Mainz, promises to add further sparkle to the calendar (pun intended).

March 2024 – EUROVINO at Messe Karlsruhe

Eurovino, the latest addition to the wine fair circuit in Germany, recently concluded its inaugural event. With 300 exhibitors and 2000 visitors (according to organizers) had a respectable launch. The two-day show took place in Karlsruhe from March 3 to March 4 and catered to an audience primarily in Southwest Germany, near major wine regions such as Baden, Pfalz, Rheinhessen, and Württemberg. The success of this debut will be gauged by rebookings for 2025, once exhibitors have assessed the orders generated from this initial show.

BottleStops thoughts: While Eurovino 2024 presented a solid launch, we feel it faces the challenge of carving out a distinct identity when competing with the ‘magnum’ wine events. Next Eurovino will take place March 9-10, 2025.

Eurovino 2024 picture (c) Messe Karlsruhe/Jürgen Rösner
Eurovino 2024 – well attended launch event – picture (c) Messe Karlsruhe/Jürgen Rösner

March 2024 – ProWein at Messe Düsseldorf

ProWein, the world’s largest trade show in the wine business, is set to commence on March 10th in Düsseldorf. With 5,000 exhibitors and an expected attendance of over 50,000 visitors, the event remains a cornerstone of the wine trade calendar. The event is strictly enforcing attendance criteria, with the aim to ensure a focused environment for networking and business dealings.

BottleStops thoughts: Attending this show is all about being well prepared, else one can get easily overwhelmed by the sheer size. We will be focussing on new event features such as the expo section dedicated to piwi varietals, specials on ciders and alcohol-free alternatives, and the lineup of seminars and workshops addressing overarching trends and concerns within the wine community.

sparkling wine workshop at ProWein
In-depth workshops at ProWein

Next edition of ProWein will take place March 16-18 2025.

April 2024 – Maxime BottleShow at Kuz in Mainz

BottleShow is the annual vintage presentation by the vintners association Maxime Herkunft Rheinhessen: On April 27th, a day ahead of the VDP.Weinbörse around 70 member wineries of Maxime Rheinhessen will offering a taste their current range of wines and sparkling wines. While the tasting event is trade-only in the morning, it will open up to the interested winelovers from 2pm onwards. More information here.

April 2024 – Sektbörse at Kuz in Mainz

Sektbörse is the meeting point for wine professionals with a particular interest in high-end sparkling wine from Germany. Expect meeting up to 40 sparkling wine houses from all over Germany dedicated to making outstanding sparkling wines, Sekt méthode traditionelle. Colocated with the BottleShow, Sektbörse will take place on April 27th at the KUZ in Mainz. More information on the 2024 Sektbörse will soon be available here.

April 2024 – VDP.Weinbörse at Rheingoldhalle in Mainz

Celebrating its 50th edition, the VDP Weinbörse returns to Mainz from April 28th, showcasing high-end German wines from over 200 members of the VDP to a discerning trade audience. While the milestone anniversary may evoke expectations of grand celebrations, current communications from the VDP suggest a focus on facilitating business.

BottleStops thoughts: Whether or not attending the Weinbörse – other wine events on that weekend will offer plenty of choice to explore German wines, particularly ‘Nahe & friends’ and ‘The Biodynamic Wine Fair’ (see below).

April 2024 – Biodynamic Wine Fair at Postlager in Mainz

Coinciding with the Weinbörse dates, the Biodynamic Wine Fair will unfold in Mainz on April 29th and 30th. Featuring 60 biodynamic wineries from across Europe, the event will spotlight biodynamic wines, sparkling varieties, and ‘other natural products’ according to the organizer Demeter. Renowned figures like biodynamic wine expert Romana Echensperger MW will lead masterclasses and lectures, underscoring the growing interest in sustainable winemaking practices.

BottleStops thoughts: With the interest in sustainable farming growing quickly, this is a wine fair to check out for sure – particularly if you are in town anyway for VDP.Weinbörse or for Nahe Goes Mainz.

November 2024 – Sparkling Festival at Kurfürstliches Schloss in Mainz

The upcoming fifth edition of the Sparkling Festival, slated for November 3rd, 2024, marks its return to Mainz’s Kurfürstliches Schloss after a hiatus in 2023. Recognized as one of Germany’s premier showcases for high-end sparkling wines, the event typically draws over 80 international exhibitors and 400 attendees, including industry professionals and enthusiasts. Complementing the expo is a conference exploring the evolving landscape of the sparkling wine industry, highlighting both its opportunities and challenges.

BottleStops thoughts: for sparkling wine fans the Sparkling Festival is a must-attend.

Should you be looking for more public events, please check out our posts on Wine Fests in Mainz and Tasting Events in Germany 2024. In any case feel free to contact us for advice on attending wine events or related logistics.

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