Best Wine Festivals in Mainz 2024 – celebrate wine like a local!

When travelers talk of Mainz, words like ‘friendly’, ‘pleasant’, ‘cozy’, ‘beautiful’, ‘relaxed’ get mentioned. Of course, visitors also mention the cozy old town, the impressive cathedral, the historic market square, the leafy banks of the Rhine River… and the wine. Right, wine is huge in Mainz: the residents of Mainz are known for their love of celebration – preferably with the trinity ‘weck, worscht, un’ woi’ (bread roll, sausage, and wine in the local dialect). Indeed, plenty of ‘woi’ … wine is firmly intertwined with the city’s history and culture. It’s no wonder Mainz owns the title Great Wine Capital of Germany.

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Enjoy a glass of wine at the Rhine River promenade in Mainz picture (c)mainzplus

Mainzers sum up their lifestyle under #mainzgefühl (mainzfeeling). For visitors to Mainz, there is no better opportunity to experience the city and the #mainzgefühl than at one of the numerous wine festivals or at the wine stands that shape the cityscape from spring to late autumn: Taste some of the local’s favorite wines, enjoy a typical snack, and rub elbows with the Mainzer.

Here is our list of wine experiences and festivals in Mainz for 2024 – (and if you need a primer in how to enjoy a german wine festival best, book your Mainz Wine tasting with BottleStops) :



From 23 March 2024 – every Saturday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Enjoy wine by the Rhine! The winemakers of Mainz look forward to your visit at their wine pavilion in the old town of Mainz right on the Rhine River front – a perfect location for a glass of wine with a view of the Rhine, the cozy Fischtorplatz, and the Cathedral towering over the city. This is where old and new Mainzers and visitors of all origins meet in a relaxed atmosphere. Classic wines like Silvaner and Riesling, wines from the Pinot family, refreshing rosé wines are served al fresco. Prost!

Enjoying a glass of wine at the Rhine River banks in Mainz


From 16 March 2024 every Saturday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

The wine event is part of the Mainz Farmers’ Market. The market breakfast is the meeting point in the shadow of the cathedral: Mainzers of all ages, tourists, students, and professionals come together to enjoy sunshine, the farmers market vibe – and a glass of wine. Exclusively wines from Mainz’ winemakers are served – straight up or as a refreshing spritzer (ask for ‘Schorle’). Now relax and observe the hustle and bustle of the farmers’ market – and when the munchies hit: the neighbouring market stalls offer a colourful selection of sausages, baked goods, cheese, and snacks.

Wine tasting al-fresco in Mainz – picture (c) Maximilian Klapdar


9th-12th May 2024 – Mainzer WeinUfer

Wine enjoyment, Rhine view, and live program: the new open-air event “Mainzer WeinUfer” will take place for the second time in May 2024. The motto of the organizers is to make wine and enjoyment directly experienceable through wine tastings, insider tips, and stage talks, and to exchange directly with the participating winemakers in a relaxed atmosphere – at one of the most beautiful stretches of the Mainz Rhine promenade between Theodor-Heuss-Brücke and Kaisertor.

Relaxed atmosphere and a glass of wine at the WeinUfer event – picture (c) Maximilian Klapdar

21st to 23rd June 2024 – Mainzer Johannisnacht

Enjoy a glass of wine at the Mainzer Johannisnacht – which is THE Mainz festival par excellence. On three summer days in June, Mainz celebrates its famous son Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press. The old town of Mainz and the Mainz Rhine promenade become a fenue for countless stands with international and local specialties, stages with live music, carousels, and rides. Wine villages on the cathedral square and the Leichhof as well as a wine stand on the Bischofsplatz are popular meeting places for wine lovers. There is hardly a better opportunity than here to get together with ‘THE MAINZER’ – be it the always-Mainzer, be it the newly won heart-Mainzer.

6th to 8th July 2024 – Wine Festival in Kirchenstück in Mainz-Hechtsheim

In the midst of the vineyards of the Mainz suburb of Hechtsheim, the Hechtsheimer winemakers await you for a wine festival with a very special atmosphere. Enjoy the evening vibes, the wide view over Rheinhessen and the Taunus and of course a glass of wine! On about 500 meters of distance in the green, you can not only choose from plenty of different wines wines and sparklers (ask for Sekt!) but also a rich selection of local dishes and international snacks.

A winefest in the vineyards at the gates of Mainz: the Kirchenstück in Mainz

19th to 22nd July 2024 – Rebblütenfest in Mainz-Laubenheim

This wine festival takes place in the idyllic park of the suburb that stretches deeply into the Rheinhessen vineyards. In this unique atmosphere, you can taste the wines of the Laubenheimer winemakers alongside culinary delights.

30th August to 1st September and 5th to 8th September 2024 – Mainzer Weinmarkt in the City Park

Enjoy one of the largest wine festivals in the region, with over 100 winemakers from all over Rheinhessen. Enjoy the very special atmosphere of this festival in the beautiful city park with a view of the Rhine. And mind which time you attend: The event evolves from a cozy family picnic on a summer late afternoon to a roaring party in the evening with live music on various stages.

Evening at the Mainz Weinmarkt wine festival in Germany.
The Mainz Weinmarkt is one of the regions most popular wine events. picture (c)

from 15th September 2024 – Weinherbst

Weinherbst – ‘Wine Autumn’ – on the historic Schillerplatz is the stage for the Mainzers to bid the summer farewell …. with a glass of wine. Winemakers from Mainz and Rheinhessen pour their wines, and local snacks are served in the quaint and friendly atmosphere of one of Mainz’ most beloved city squares.

“All fine but… what’s the best way to understand local wines first?”

If joining a German wine fest is a bit daunting to you, if you would like to know more about local customs first, and if would need an overview of German wine culture… BottleStops Wine Tasting in Mainz can show you the ropes. The two-hours wine tasting in English in one of Mainz’ most spectacular cellars provides a tour d’horizon of the most important grapes, wine styles, the German wine regions and the particularities of German wine culture. Enjoy the casual light hearted atmosphere of the wine tasting to learn about german wines, but also to ask anything you wanted to know about Mainz and the wine regions and beyond. We bring you up to speed with #mainzgefühl and german wines.

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