Resources to for your German Wine Studies

Here’s some advanced English language resources for your wine studies about German Wine – in no particular order.

English language books on German Wine

“The Wines of Germany” by Anne Krebiehl (2019)

This is an enormously compact and comprehensive book on German winemaking and German wine regions. It is currently the newest publication on the market, having hit the shelves only September this year. We reviewed just recently – highly recommended.

“Wine Atlas of Germany” by Dieter Braatz, Ulrich Sauter and Ingo Swoboda (2014)

Includes hundreds of vineyard maps, pictures, in-depths explanation of geology and geography. A most comprehensive wine book.

Good vintage books, obviously a bit dated, yet good fun to browse and inexpensive to get:

SF Hallgarten and André Simon: The Great Wines of Germany, 1963

Frank Schoonmaker / Peter Sichel: The Wines of Germany, 1980

Blogs and online Resources on German Wine

Stuart Pigott, is doubtlessly one of the most prolific writers on German wines. English native and German based – lost his heart to Rieslings. Visit his blog here.

Valerie Kathawala posts regularly about Austrian and German wines and vintners in her blog ‘winewords‘. Valerie, together with her partner Paula Sidore is also about to launch TrinkMag an online magazine for German wine.

The association Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter recently published an interactive map of German vineyards it classified as Erste Lage and Grosse Lage (corresponding to Premier Gru and Grand Cru), allowing you to zoom in and out of regions and pull up vintners’ profiles.

David Schildknecht is possibly THE english language specialist on Mosel – he publishes every once in a while in Vinous. Read some of David’s articles on Lars Carlberg’s website, which is undisputedly one of the most Mosel-nerdy publications on the market.

Podcasts with German Winemakers

Who could tell you better about vineyards in Germany than the vintners themselves? Levy Dalton interviewed some of the most iconic German winemakers. Find the current playlist here.  Each podcast will give you detailed insights into the estate’s history, the related vineyards, and of course the winemakers’ heritage and their philosophy.


Anne Krebiehls recorded masterclass on Riesling, available on youtube.

#trinktalk arranged a discussion discussion on the status of German wine in the United States, featuring New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov as a special guest. 

Enjoy your studies!