How to explore German Wine Regions around ProWein

So you will be attending ProWein? Ever wondered how the world’s largest trade event for wine could settle in a city like Düsseldorf, known for fashion, beer and a large Japanese community – but certainly not wine.  You will have three days of tasting, elbow rubbing and deal-making with the world’s elite in wine – but step out of the fairground and it will be all Alt-Beer. Looking for wine-culture….  Nix! Nada! Zilch!*

If you have travel hundreds of miles for a wine event, it’s only fair to take time to see some vineyards. Make it a  meal deal and add some sights to chores!

The good news is that if we head straight south from Düsseldorf, following the Rhine River, some of the most beautiful vineyards are no further away than an average LA commute in rush hour. After about 60 mins drive the first vineyards of Mittelrhein wine region will appear on the eastern banks of the River. Not far later we hit the confluence of the Ahr River, and a bit further down, at Koblenz the Mosel River merges into the Rhine River. Press on through the stunning Rhine River Gorges and you pass the estuary of the Nahe River, itself a gem of a winemaking region. Then, as you exit the gorges, to our left we find Rheingau, leaning into the mountains of Taunus and to our right we have the rolling hills of Rheinhessen.  Push on straight now and you hit Frankfurt airport.

With that you have live-mapped wine regions to half of the exhibitors at ProWein hall 13 and 14 on a trip to or from Frankfurt airport. Easy as pie!

Practical tips:

–       Have a car, travel by train is possible but a pain (*hint* get a driver guide)

–       Allow for a full day’s time

–       Post ProWein is possibly better – contact the wineries for an appointment

Recommended stops

for your Rhine/Wine-River trajectory from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt:

Ahr – Ahrweiler is a beautiful town gatekeeping the Nahe River valley winemaking region. Visit Weingut Nelles for their formidable Pinot Noirs

Mosel – Winningen features some of the steepest vineyards in the Mosel River area. Visit Materne & Schmidt, steep vineyard saviors, newcomers and all-bio winemaking ladies

Mittelrhein – In medieval Bacharach stop at Weingut Bastian for their unbelievably racy off dry Rieslings + add a lunch stop at their Wine Tavern Grüner Baum

Nahe – In Bingen– visit Weingut Krüger-Rumpf at their beautiful historic estate

Rheingau – Rüdesheim is the secret capital of Rheingau, looks back at centuries of tourism and must not be missed. Stop at Georg Breuer.

Rheinhessen – Mainz (we are partial to Mainz). Last/first city on your way to/from Frankfurt. Do not leave Mainz without visiting old town and having tasted Sektmanufaktur Flik’s outstanding sparkling wines.

*the renowned winebar Concept Riesling is the exception that hardens the rule.