Best Vineyard Maps of Germany

You have been looking for a map of German wine regions? You will be travelling the Germany and you need to understand how the wine regions are located towards airports, major cities and must-not-miss attractions? You study wine and you need to get total details on German vineyard sites? You are a lover of German wine and you’d need a decorative map? BottleStops ultimate list of German vineyard maps might be for you then!

For the interested beginner – the Classic German Wine Growing Regions map:

If you are happy with a good and simple overview, consider the map of German Wine Growing Regions provided by the German Wine Institute. It provides a clear overview of the 13 wine regions, presented in bold colors, and is available as in16.5 x 23.4 prints – perfect for your fridge door. The map is fairly inexpensive and does a very nice job if you are starting to familiarize with German wine geography. The BottleStops contact page features a slightly modified version.

For the Wine Loving Traveler: BottleStops Interactive Maps of German Wine Regions.

These maps have been just launched and are regularly updated. The aim is to provide essential information for touristic itineraries covering both wine & food AND a touristic experience. For each region we point out partner wine estates, recommended restaurants, touristic sites and recommended accommodations as well as major airports and cities. It’s basically our best-of of German wine regions for you. The wine region maps for Mittelrhein and Rheingau are fairly done. Mosel and Rheinhessen are currently being worked on. Nahe, Pfalz and Baden will be next.

For the wine geeks: The Digital Vineyard maps

If you need to dig into details, the VDP interactive vineyard map of Germany could be for you – obviously this is far more geek-ish than any print version could ever be (we blogged about it on its release). Besides the possibility to zoom in on the VDP-rated premier cru and grand cru vineyard sites you get detailed pictures and detailed information on the sites such as aspect, soil, and microclimate. Also, there is a list of vintners working the vineyards. Keep in mind though, the map displays selected VDP classified vineyards and growers only, it is thus not a comprehensive list of Germany’s vineyards.

Finally there is the Weinlagen-Info vineyard map: A pet project of a handful of winewonks based in Heidelberg, Germany – their aim being to compile the world’s most comprehensive map of vineyard sites . At time of publishing Weinlagen-Info features 13451 Vineyards with their respective location – impressive, uh? And it is detailed to a mind-boggling level. Search ‘Krug’ and you’ll find the Clos D’Ambonnais with its exact shape and dimensions. Search Egon Müller and you’ll find the Scharzhofberg vineyard with all details. Obviously, in Weinlagen Info the German Vineyards are the best documented.

Whether you are just looking for a nice fridge-printout, preparing your wine journey through Germany, or whether you are full on studying the intricacies of German vineyards … with those maps it will be hard to get lost.