5 Places to go for a Post-ProWein Beer

If tasting wine gets you thirsty for a beer – Düsseldorf is the place to be. The city is considered the cradle of Altbier, an ale of a slightly soft, lightly malty, sweet, and toasty style – clean and very quaffable. But even if you are more into classic lagers, the city’s 100+ pubs and bars will offer an ale that matches your taste.

We picked 5 of the most noteworthy spots for you – all located in or close to the city’s old town.

ProWein beer

Brewery Füchschen

Füchschen (aka Der Fuchs – the Fox) is committed to Altbier. The history of the brewery has been tracked back to 1640, but the classic family recipe dates from 1848. Matched to Füchschen’s famous pork knuckles, it’s possibly the most (stereo)typical German experience you can go for (without the Lederhosen that is).

tip: If your company gets boring challenge them for the best performance in pronouncing the Brewery’s name.

Ratinger Str. 28, Düsseldorf – Reservations only for groups larger than 8 pax

Schumacher Alt – Stammhaus / Brewery

The Schumacher brewery, all focused on Altbier, still family owned, looks back at over 180 years of history.  The brewery is located not far from the train station – you can get their Alt-Bier also at their pub-outlet ‘Golderner Kessel’.

Oststraße 123, Düsseldorf – Reservations until 19.30

Uerige Obergärige Hausbrauerei

Classic, yet modern and immensely popular, the Brewery Uerige even caught wine critic Eric Asimov’s attention, who commented favorably on the fresh and lively taste of the Uerige Sticke Alt.

Berger Strasse 1

Holy Craft Beer Bar

All Alt-Beer taste the same to you? You are into some more diversity? Then Holy Craft Beer Bar will be the one for you. They have 12 different Craft beers on the tap and some 80 brands of bottled craft brews. Also, they offer tasting flights. 

Liefergasse 11 – Attention! closed on Sundays

Kürzer Brauerei

The Kürzer brewery, launched in 2010, elbowed its way into a crowded market with a concept appealing to a younger audience: the venue, the menu and the beers come across more contemporary.

Kurze Straße 18-20

– Prost!