3 Ideas for a Christmas Event in Mainz

If you are looking for options to host a Christmas events for your team, friends or colleagues in Mainz, how about these three ideas:

christmas lighting in mainz
Christmas lights in Mainz

Idea 1 for a Christmas Event: A festive wine tasting in one of Mainz’ most spectacular cellars

corporate wine tasting at christmas
Wine tasting is a fun and entertaining corporate event

Enjoy a guided wine tasting introducing wines fit for a Christmas dinner. Get to know some great wines, enjoy the stories that come with them and impress your guests with a spectacular setting in an historic, yet modernised cellar. The wines will be selected by your host from regional – if not local – wineries and will be easy to source afterwards. Of course, non-alcoholic options will be available, too. The wines will be presented lightheartedly with background information and captivating trivia, so that both the wine lovers and the wine-newcomers amongst your friends and colleagues are entertained alike. But also the venue shall impress: a stunning cellar, modern and yet clearly featuring historic patina will contribute to lasting memories.

Count about 80-90 minutes for a well curated wine tasting, and budget about Euro 60 to 80 per person.

Inquire for your festive wine tasting event with BottleStops here.

Idea 2 for a Christmas Event in Mainz: A wine tasting and guided city walk in Mainz

Insights into history, geography and a fun trivia should be part of a fun corporate wine event

This idea for a Christmas Event adds on to our first suggestion – by adding a bit of action. The wine tasting will be supplemented by a guided city walk highlighting elements of Mainz’ current and past liquid culture. Many people, even long-time residents of Mainz, are oblivious of the fact that Mainz is one of 12 Great Wine Capitals – this guided walk will highlight the sights and elements of the city’s vinous history that justify the status as Great Wine Capital. Ideally the walk finishes at a nice restaurant in Mainz old town with your group’s table reserved so that the evening can conclude with a hearty meal.

A guided walk of Mainz adds about 50-60 minutes to the wine tasting element – the event time will be then about two to two-and-a-half hours. Consider 70 to 85 Euro per participant.

Book your Mainz Wine Tasting & Walk early, so to avoid disappointment – or contact us directly.

Idea 3 for a Christmas event in Mainz: A wine day tour from Mainz

Stunning winter views during a corporate Christmas outing

Should you wish to treat your group to a more extensive activity, why not take them out on a guided tour of the wine region nearby? This can be a full day or a half day touring the wine country, combining sights and winery visits. We ensure that your team is travelling in a comfortable bus, so that driving is not posing any obstacles to wine tasting. A combination of visits and tastings in festively decorated tasting rooms and historical wine cellars nearby Mainz will create long lasting memories. Also, with this event your guests will walk away not only with new insights into wine culture in Germany, but also with inspirations on which wine to enjoy during the holidays.

A wine day tour takes normally between four and seven hours, depending on the setup, your company’s requirements, and your colleagues/teams group size. Prices vary from 150 to 180 Euro per person.

Contact BottleStops for possible itineraries and options.

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