A Sparkling-Wonk’s Paradise: the 3rd International Sparkling Festival

Tasting room at the International Sparkling Festival

If you are into top quality fizz of any origins, here’s an event to not miss out: The International Sparkling Festival just announced the date of its coming edition – it will be taking place on June 3rd 2019 in Frankfurt

We are not entirely impartial to sparkling wine – to say the least…And during our visit at the last edition (find the related post here) we found plenty of reasons to come back. 

For one: the event is truly international! Cava, Crémant, Champagne, Brit Sparkling… you name it, they are all represented. We are a bit biased though, so we really look forward to the huge spread of German (and some Austrian) Sekts that will be available for tasting. 

It is all about top-quality with selected houses presenting ‘méthode traditionelle’ (the method originating from Champagne) – bottle fermented -sparkling wines only.

In many cases one can speak to the producer him- or herself  and learn first hand where your sparkler is coming from and how it has been made. At last year’s event for instance we met German sekt shooting star Nico Brandner from  Griesel & Compagnie Sabrina Schach of superb Sekthaus Solter, and Silvain Taurisson Diel from legendary Nahe wine estate Diel. 

Still doubting? Here are some sparkling figures for you: There will be 50+ estates and 150+ sparkling wines to taste – a good chance to put your finger on the bottleneck… uh… pulse of the trade and follow through on the current trends in sparkling wine production: use of wood, time on the lees, single vineyard, pét nat…

Finally, and most exciting to us at BottleStops, is the option to taste base wines. That, admittedly, might only a be sparkling-wonk’s aspiration, but we are super curious about it.

The good news for the just-fan-no-business: this is NOT trade-only. In fact the International Sparkling Festival is open to both wine professionals and sparkling wine aficionados – there will be different times of access though: 

More information and event registration here.

See you there?