15 and more Must-Listen Podcast Episodes on German Wine

Over the past couple of years we aggregated all quality newspieces on German wine and compiled them in our monthly ‘terroirist‘-inspired catalogue of news and features covering Germany and its wines.

Yet we realise that in the wine media podcasts are becoming increasingly important as a source of information and education. They seem to be much more difficult to aggregate, though.

We mined the archives of a number of rather well known wine shows, but Germany is pretty much underrepresented. We found two types of podcasts, one type is based on interviews with winemakers, the other type emphasises more general education.

In the show I’lldrinktothat, show host Levy Dalton has so far covered 15 of the leading winemakers of Germany. Levy’s interviews with winemakers (all episodes in the link) of the likes of Egon Müller, Klaus Peter Keller and Hanno Zilliken provide deep insights into the winemaking culture in Germany. If there was anything to critisise, it is the bias towards winemakers of the Mosel region, while other classics like Rheingau, Baden, Rheinhessen or Pfalz remain vey much undercovered.

Elizabeth Schneider and her podcast Wine-for-normal-people are possibly as established as Levy Dalton, though focussing more on education, and a beginners audience.  Just 2 out of 329 episodes cover German winemakers: Theresa Breuer of the Georg Breuer estate in Rheingau and Mosel’s Dirk Richter  of Max Ferdinand Richter Estate make their appearance.

The UK Wineshow, hosted by Chris Scott, features a couple of interviews from regions that that neither Levy nor Elizabeth covered. These episodes date from quite a while ago, but since wineries, wine regions and winemaking don’t change that quickly there’s still a lot of good insights to be found here:

– For the region of Pfalz, Ralf Anselmann of Weingut Anselmann

– Located in Baden, Arne Bercher of Weingut Bercher. 

– Felix Graf Adelmann of Weingut Adelmann in Würtemberg speaks about blending wines and about the region of Würtemberg itself.

– finally Peter Bohn of Weingut Schloss-Proschwitz is talking about wines from East Germany, more specifically from the wine region of Saxony (Sachsen). He’s also talking about wine production before and after the Berlin wall came down in 1998. 

There’s not more than that. We found a single Riesling episode by WineBlast including an interview with Ernie Losen, and Interpreting Wine interviewed biodyn vintner Rudolf Trossen… but that’s been it. Whether for a lack of interest by show hosts, or by a lack of demand we don’t know – but for sure we’d be very happy to see some fresh coverage of Germany’s wine culture. 

Did we miss out on great podcasts covering Germany, German wines or German winemakers? Contact us!