Tasting Notes: Tesch Riesling Beerenauslese ‘Sonne’ 2018

At BottleStops we are suckers for sweetness in riesling. Not always, but very often. We love the versatility of sweet Rieslings –  how they can upgrade a liver paté en apéritif or a cheese on desert, or just shine on their own .


This is why we yelled a big YASSS! when recently winery Tesch  – from the wine region of Nahe – sent a bottle of its “Sonne” Riesling Beerenauslese 2018 (beerenauslese being a very late harvest wine, literally ’selected harvest of berries’) for tasting and review. 

And yes, we confess, we are biased. If you want a 100% neutral wine review, stop reading now.

The ‘Sonne’ comes in a 357 cl bottle closed with a Stelvin cap. Alc at 5.5%

In the glass it shows a very clean pale golden colour. It smells mouthwateringly of fresh mandarin, juicy peach, very ripe honey melon, dried pineapple, candied fruit, pinetree honey – all of that very delicately. Initially we had expected more muscle, yet this is nice it its very own way.  Same on the palate, light, far from powerful, in a very elegant way, with beautiful tropical fruit aromas and hints of bergamot candy. Its high acidity and high sweetness shake hands over a very long finish. 

A beautiful desert in itself. And still we feel it deserves a bit more patience, imagining how this will come along in ten or twenty years. 

Thanks @Winery Tesch for the sample.

If you are located in the EU you can order it directly from the winery here.