A private wine tour with BottleStops – Why?

Our private wine tours offer several distinct advantages, making it an appealing option for wine enthusiasts seeking a more personalized and immersive experience in the German wine regions. Most of our private wine tour customers seek more flexibility with starting time or itinerary. In some cases, they prefer the privacy of a private wine tour, and in other cases, they feel more comfortable without any other wine tourists on board.

private wine tour with family
Family and friends only on a private wine tour!

Your personalized wine tour experience

Private tours with BottleStops allow you to tailor the itinerary according to your preferences. We can discuss which wineries to visit, the types of wines you are interested in, and whether you would like to have sightseeing elements included in the overall journey. Many of our private tour customers prefer to have a pickup in Frankfurt (on our public tours, we are limited to pickup in the Mainz city area).

Also, customers seek for an option to combine wine tasting with their river cruise: we pick-up at a specific mooring place in the morning – and we drop-off at the next cruise stop in the evening!

With our private guide, you receive more personalized attention and can ask detailed questions, gaining deeper insights into the winemaking process, the culture, and the history of the wine regions we visit.

Rhine river cruise experience spiked with a private wine tour experience (with pick-up and drop-off at mooring)!

Flexibility with schedule and duration

For people wanting to optimize their schedule on arrival or departure from Frankfurt, the flexible departure time of our private wine tours is a huge advantage. While our public wine tours have a fixed departure time, our private wine tour service comes with the flexibility to start and end the tour as suits you best. Of course, we can also adapt the duration and pacing to your convenience.

wine shopping during a private tour
Why a private tour with BottleStops? For a wine-shopping experience at your very own pace!

Comfort and Convenience

On private tours with BottleStops, you have the entire space of our luxury van all to yourself. Depending on your group’s size, we can configure the cabin to include tables and maximize your individual space.

Tailored Wine Tastings

Specific interests: Whether you prefer red, white, sparkling, dry, sweet, or specific varietals, our private tours can be configured to focus on your specific wine preferences.

Our private tours are ideal for celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or honeymoons. They are also perfect for a group of friends, families traveling with children, or people with special needs.

wine tasting al-fresco, right in the vineyards during a private tour
Private wine tours can include personalized tastings!

How to book your private tour with BottleStops

Overall, a private wine tour with us offers a highly customizable and exclusive experience for both private and corporate guests. When reaching out to inquire for a private tour, let us know basics such as dates and group size, but do also let us know a bit about the background of the group, about your schedule ahead and after the tour, so that we can come up with solutions to integrate your tour experience best into your overall travel plans.

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