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Castles, Abbeys & Wine Tour

6 Hours
FromEUR€ 155

Not Only Riesling Tour

6 Hours
FromEUR€ 155

Book Germany’s best wine tours directly: BottleStops offers English language wine tours for you to taste great German wines while visiting some of the most beautiful wine regions such as Rheingau, Rheinhessen, or the Mosel and the Rhein River Valley.

  • Exclusive small group Day Tours in German wine regions
  • Private tours tailored to your individual needs
  • Custom tailored Corporate Events and Team Building
  • High-end Mainz City Tour & Tastings

Whether you are a wine-interested ‘normal’ wine person, a wine lover, or a trained wine-expert – we guarantee a great day out!

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    Popular Private Tours

    Private Tour in Rheinhessen

    Rolling Hills and Next-Generation Vintners

    FromEUR€ 980
    Rheinhessen with a BottleStops wine tour: rolling hills, endless vineyards and innovative wineries!
    Book Now
    Private Tour in Mosel

    Spectacular Slopes, Riveting Rieslings

    FromEUR€ 1,085
    The wine region of Mosel is the most beautiful in Germany, possibly on earth!
    Book Now
    Private Tour in Rheingau

    Wine, Abbeys and Castles in Rheingau

    FromEUR€ 980
    Our Rheingau wine tours feature castles, monasteries and a fantastic array of wines.
    Book Now

    Location and range of BottleStops' Wine Tours

    We are located in the middle of all German wine regions: in the historic city of Mainz, Germany’s Wine Capital (at convenient 25mins from Frankfurt Airport). We take you on special walking tours, luxury small-group wine tours and private limousine tours into the heart of Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Mosel, Pfalz, and Nahe wine growing regions.

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    A private wine tour with BottleStops – Why?

    Our private wine tours offer several distinct advantages, making it an appealing option for wine enthusiasts seeking a more personalized and immersive experience in the German wine regions. Most of...
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