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Mainz - things to do in Mainz

Things to do Mainz, Germany – Insider tips from a local Wine-Tour guide

Is Mainz worth a visit? Certainly! Here is an insiders recommended things to do in Mainz.
private wine tour with friends

A private wine tour with BottleStops – Why?

Our private wine tours offer several distinct advantages, making it an appealing option for wine enthusiasts seeking a more personalized and immersive experience in the German wine regions. Most of...

Essential Mosel Wine Trivia – 13 fun facts for the curious wine tourist

Where is the world’s steepest vineyard? How old is Germany’s oldest cellar? How many vines fit into the Mosel regions … Here is some (almost) useful Mosel trivia to know...
Slopes in the vineyard area Bopparder Hamm - Wineregion Mittelrhein (picture credit: Deutsches Weininstitut)

Your Mosel Wine Tour Guide – with our personal highlights

Your ultimate guide to a Mosel wine tour 2024 - by wine tour professionals for keen wine travellers.
wine fair in Germany

Our favorite 7 Wine Trade Shows in Germany 2024

The German wine industry is abuzz with a flurry of professional events slated for 2024. These are the shows that have our attention: There are the stalwarts of the wine...
summer parties

Must-attend Wine Events in Germany 2024 for Wine Lovers

Our top selection of wine tasting events in 2024 covers some of the most beautiful wine regions - and certainly some of the best wineries in Germany.
enjoying a glass of wine in Mainz picture (c) rheinhesssen de

Best Wine Festivals in Mainz 2024 – celebrate wine like a local!

When travelers talk of Mainz, words like ‘friendly’, ‘pleasant’, ‘cozy’, ‘beautiful’, ‘relaxed’ get mentioned. Of course, visitors also mention the cozy old town, the impressive cathedral, the historic market square,...

Corporate Events (with winetasting) near Frankfurt – How to get it right!

So, you are a corporate event planner and you have been tasked with organizing a social to complement your corporate meeting in Frankfurt? And you are not sure where to...

3 must-not-miss Wine Fests in Germany 2024

Check out BottleStops selection of Wine festivals. There is one that is closest to our heart...

3 Ideas for a Christmas Event in Mainz

If you are looking for options to host a Christmas events for your team, friends or colleagues in Mainz, how about these three ideas: Christmas lights in Mainz Idea 1...

A practical guide to Wine Tours from Frankfurt

If you are looking for a wine tour from Frankfurt, here are a couple of options and considerations:: Wine tour from Frankfurt: a wine tasting stop in the rolling hills...

“Natur Pur” – Wine and Food fest in Rheingau on Germany’s National Day

Natur Pur used to be considered a culinary insider tip among ‘hiking’ wine and food lovers in Rheingau. Today the wine fest is known nationally and attracts guests from across...
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