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A private wine tour with BottleStops – Why?

Our private wine tours offer several distinct advantages, making it an appealing option for wine enthusiasts seeking a more personalized and immersive experience in the German wine regions. Most of our private wine tour customers seek more flexibility with starting time or itinerary. In some cases, they prefer the privacy of a private wine tour, […]

enjoying a glass of wine in Mainz picture (c) rheinhesssen de

Best Wine Festivals in Mainz 2024 – celebrate wine like a local!

When travelers talk of Mainz, words like ‘friendly’, ‘pleasant’, ‘cozy’, ‘beautiful’, ‘relaxed’ get mentioned. Of course, visitors also mention the cozy old town, the impressive cathedral, the historic market square, the leafy banks of the Rhine River… and the wine. Right, wine is huge in Mainz: the residents of Mainz are known for their love […]

3 Ideas for a Christmas Event in Mainz

If you are looking for options to host a Christmas events for your team, friends or colleagues in Mainz, how about these three ideas: Idea 1 for a Christmas Event: A festive wine tasting in one of Mainz’ most spectacular cellars Enjoy a guided wine tasting introducing wines fit for a Christmas dinner. Get to […]